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Samsung just revealed the Galaxy S22 series and they are very obviously heavy-hitters. The Galaxy S22 Ultra marks the return of the beloved Note series. Sure, it’s not technically called a “Galaxy Note”, but it walks the walk and it talks the talk.Unlike the regular Galaxy S22 and the Galaxy S22 Plus, the S22 Ultra has a more rectangular look and houses an S Pen in its body — for all intents and purposes, it’s a refresh of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

But that doesn’t make its smaller siblings redundant. No, no, each of these Galaxy phones has something different to offer. The regular S22 is there for people who would rather have a more compact phone, but do not wish to sacrifice performance or the stellar camera. The S22 Plus is meant for those that would love a bigger screen but don’t necessarily want everything that the Ultra has to offer.

And the Galaxy S22 Ultra is for those that want every little bit of cutting edge tech that Samsung is able to stick into a standard-shaped phone.

With such a diverse portfolio of flagship phones, Samsung gives you very little reason to not want a Galaxy.

But it’s not just about the phones. In 2022, it’s pretty easy to find a decent phone — the competition is fierce and everyone has a decent device out. No, nowadays it’s more about that magical word — “Ecosystem”.

The Galaxy Ecosystem is what makes it work

Samsung has been in the game of electronics for many, many years. And it began investing in the Internet of Things (IoT) ideology in the mid 2010s. With such a diverse portfolio of household items and daily electronics, Samsung is in the unique position where it can offer you a suite of devices for your home that simply “talk” to each other.

And where Samsung doesn’t have something on offer, it compensates with strategic partnerships.

The benefits of Samsung’s ecosystem can become immediately obvious when you open the Samsung SmartThings hub that comes preinstalled on every Galaxy phone. This is where you can link up and control your Galaxy SmartTags, your Samsung TVs and air conditioners, or where you can connect with partner devices from big-name brands like Sonos and Ring.

Samsung’s tablets are here to change the game… again

We didn’t just get a new trio of phones at Samsung’s Unpacked. No, we also got to see the new Galaxy Tab S8 series — Galaxy Tab S8, Galaxy Tab S8 Plus, and Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra.

Each of these slates has state-of-the-art hardware, with the super-powered Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 gen 1 processor and beautiful 120 Hz screens. Well, the Plus and Ultra have AMOLED panels, which will truly shine, while the smallest Tab S8 has an LTPS LCD screen, which won’t have the same infinite contrast, but would still put out brilliant colors.

The Galaxy Tab S8 line offers seamless connection to your Galaxy S22 phones, so you can quickly swap devices — start working on one, finish up on the other. In fact, the devices work so well together that you can use your Galaxy S22 as a “color palette” that you virtually “dip your S Pen in” while drawing on the big canvas of a Galaxy Tab S8!

Oh yeah, that S Pen? It comes included with every Galaxy Tab S8 and it’s pretty much the best stylus for an Android device.

Also, back to the topic of partnerships — Samsung secured an exclusivity deal with LumaTouch, the developers of LumaFusion. For those that don’t know — LumaFusion is a highly acclaimed video editor that has been locked down to iOS for quite a while now. It is absolutely wonderful that Android is getting this app now and, for the time being, it’s only coming to Samsung tablets!

This basically means that aspiring vloggers or even commercial professionals can take short clips with their Galaxy S22 phone’s stellar camera, then use the seamless sync to throw these clips on to a Galaxy Tab S8, and use LumaFusion to edit a quick trailer or even a full video on the go. This is definitely huge for the Android ecosystem!

And, of course, each tablet from the Galaxy Tab S8 line has an excellent Keyboard Cover to go with it. These help you get work done as the Keyboard Cover and the Samsung DeX UI quickly transform the tablet into a laptop-like device.

Keyboard covers will be sold separately, but if you pre-order now, you score one for free!

Partnership with Microsoft

Samsung and Microsoft have been on very good terms for a few years now — Microsoft makes sure that its professional apps are compatible with Samsung’s innovative models, like the foldables. And the Windows app “Your Phone” allows you to seamlessly connect with and control your Galaxy phone straight from a Windows laptop or PC.The deep integration between the two brands opened up features like taking calls, checking your notifications and messages, opening up your photo gallery, or even running any app that’s on your phone remotely — through your Windows interface. You can even go as far to pin your favorite apps to your Windows taskbar — just click the icon and you will open that app remotely on your phone without having to even touch it.

The wider Samsung portfolio

As previously mentioned, Samsung has years of experience and expertise in making electronic devices. The company has been expanding its mobile offerings for over a decade and has super successful products like the Galaxy Buds 2 earbuds, the Galaxy SmartTags portable trackers, or the Galaxy Watch 4 smartwatch. Each of these devices is at the top of its respective niche, offering premium quality, rich features, and stable performance.

Connecting them to your Galaxy S22 phone is quick and easy and, in some cases, ensures that you will get access to everything they have to offer. The Galaxy SmartThings hub makes the process effortless and all that is left for you to do is to enjoy the modern lifestyle solutions that Samsung has built.


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